Aw3418dw manual

Size class of the display as declared by the manufacturer. Often this is the rounded value of the actual size of the diagonal in inches. Approximate diagonal size of the display. If the manufacturer does not provide such information, the diagonal is calculated from the width and height of the screen. Approximate width of the display. If the manufacturer does not provide such information, the width is calculated from the diagonal and the aspect ratio.

Approximate height of the display. If the manufacturer does not provide such information, the height is calculated from the diagonal and the aspect ratio. There are curved displays, whose curve is part of a circumference arc. In order to give more precise information about the curve of the screen, often the manufacturer provides data about the radius of this circumference.

The smaller the radius, the larger the screen curve. There are various panel technologies. The image quality depends directly on the type of the display panel used. The most widely used panels are those with 6, 8, and 10 bits for each of the RGB components of the pixel. They provide, and bit color, respectively. With quick cyclic switching between different color tones, an illusion for a new intermediate color tone is created. For example, by using FRC, a 6-bit display panel is able to show There are different FRC algorithms.

The maximum number of colors, which the display is able to reproduce, depends on the type of the panel in use and color enhancing technologies like FRC. The ratio between the horizontal and the vertical side of the display. Some of the standard and widely used aspect ratios are, and Information about the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical side of the screen. A higher resolution allows the display of a more detailed and of higher quality image. The pixel pitch shows the distance from the centers of two neighboring pixels.

In displays, which have a native resolution the TFT ones, for examplethe pixel pitch depends on the resolution and the size of the screen.The Alienware AWDW offers an incredibly rich inch curved display and strong gaming performance for a premium price.

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With the AWDW curved monitor, Alienware has proved that it can make peripherals that are every bit as striking as its futuristic-looking PCs. The Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor's impressive color, brightness and gaming performance make it well worth buying. However, it has some very some strong competition in the premium curved monitor arena that you should consider before making the plunge. This bold ultrawide display sports the same sleek design aesthetic as Alienware's desktops and laptops, with a sharply angled base and thin LED lighting strips along the monitor's rear panel, stand and underside.

Just like on an Alienware computer, you can customize these zones to glow any color you like. However, the only zone you can actually see is the down-facing light on the underside, which adds a nice but fairly subtle glow to your desk space. Unless you game in the dark or simply need your Alienware monitor to perfectly match your Alienware PC, there's not much use to the rear-facing lights.

I'm a much bigger fan of the lighting on Acer's Predator X34which features a much more pronounced set of down-facing lights that you can customize to glow in a variety of different patterns.

Regarding ergonomics, the AWDW can be tilted 5 degrees forward or 25 degrees backward, swiveled 40 degrees side to side, or raised up or down about 5 inches, all of which is fairly standard for a gaming display. You can't rotate the display into a vertical portrait mode, but that's not a feature I'd expect from an ultrawide curved monitor. Alienware's curved display has a fairly standard selection of inputs. The rear ports are a bit hard to reach -- especially since you can't rotate the display vertically.

Fortunately, there are an additional two USB 3. The AWDW features six physical navigation buttons, which make navigating its myriad menus pretty easy. You've got dedicated buttons for things such as switching game modes, overclocking the display and adjusting brightness on the fly. And you can customize them to activate different shortcuts.

From the monitor's main menu, you can toggle everything from LED light settings to display inputs fairly easily.

Playing Injustice 2 on Alienware's curved display was an absolute delight. Everything from the blues and reds of Supergirl's suit to the purple tendrils of Brainiac's ship was bursting with color, and the ultrawide resolution made it extra-easy to spot the tiniest details of every arena.

Most important, there wasn't any noticeable input lag to keep me from performing complex combo strings.

Alienware AW3418DW User Manual

The monitor's degree field of view allowed me to easily spot every enemy in my periphery, and its fast response times made shooting feel instant and satisfying.

The game's orange explosions and purple energy blasts looked incredibly rich. I often caught myself stopping to marvel at every tiny detail, from the raindrops that hit the ground to the intricate patterns of my teammate's battle-damaged armor.

The monitor's high refresh rate meant that I rarely experienced screen tearing, although things did look extra-smooth with G-Sync enabled. Even when I wasn't gaming, having access to Alienware's massively wide display proved invaluable. The inch wide monitor allowed me to split the screen between various work tasks without the need for multiple displays, and everything from basic text to YouTube videos looked crisp.

Alienware's curved monitor turned in a strong nits of brightness on our light meter, topping the Acer Predator X34 nits and our nit average, while coming up short of BenQ's XR nits. Alienware's display reproduced a strong That beats the Predator 1. On our lag tester, the Alienware monitor registered That's much better than the BenQ There are also three fully customizable presets, as well as a warm preset, a cool preset and a ComfortView option that reduces blue light.

You can overclock the monitor's refresh rate from Hz to Hz, as well as toggle a Dark Stabilizer that brightens dark in-game areas without blowing out the whole image.We purchase our own monitors and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands.

It has very wide viewing angles so the sides of the screen remain accurate when viewed from up-close. The Alienware has a fast response time and very low input lag that will please most hardcore gamers and it also supports NVDIA's G-SYNC implementation of variable refresh rate so it can deliver smooth motion without tearing. Unfortunately, it can't produce deep, uniform blacks and it is not well suited for a dark room.

Its large size and good resolution make it good for gaming use as well as office use, as it allows for multitasking. It has a low input lag that makes it very responsive. If you place it in an average lit room, you will enjoy the picture quality. The Dell Alienware R is a good monitor for office use. The good size and excellent resolution allow you to do more with your screen area and the viewing angles make it easy to share your work with a colleague.

The monitor's ergonomics make it easy to position it as you prefer. The Dell Alienware R is a very good gaming monitor. Its large screen and high resolution can display every little detail of your favorite game. You can easily position it to your likings, and its thin bezels will not bother you if you expand your screen area by placing a second monitor next to it.

It has a large size and a high resolution that allow you to watch movies and videos in high resolution. It has a high refresh rate so fast action has little blur and it is easy to position to your preference. Unfortunately, its poor black uniformity and low contrast ratio do not make it suitable for a dark room. This is a good monitor for media creation. The large screen size and the excellent resolution allow for multitasking.

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It has a low input lag and responds fast to your actions and handles reflections well when placed it in a room with many light sources.

Working together with a colleague will not be an issue. This monitor does not support HDR. It has a futuristic sense especially when you look at it from the back.

The stand is wide and sturdy and supports the monitor well. The large size and the curvy profile make the monitor look thick when viewed from the side and it will protrude even if VESA mounted.

The stand supports the monitor well and there is little wobble. Its design blends with the overall futuristic design of this monitor. You can adjust the height, swivel left and right and tilt up and down, but there is no option to rotate. Nonetheless, the degrees of freedom should be enough to allow you to position it according to your preferences. When looking the Dell Alienware R from the back, the modern design with the abundance of straight lines and flat clear planes becomes apparent.

The inputs are hidden and there is provision for cable management through the stand. There is a vent that runs along the top border and serves for heat dissipation. The bezel is very thin and the panel starts at the edge of the border.

The screen pixels, however, start after a small gap. It is nonetheless a very good monitor for side by side use. The Dell Alienware R is quite thick mainly due to the stand and the curve. Without the stand, this is a relatively thin monitor. There are no gaps or loose ends and the monitor feels sturdy.But what this Alienware gaming monitor lacks in flash, it makes up for in performance. With a 4ms response time, an overclockable Hz refresh rate, and G-Sync capabilitiesit checks all the boxes for serious gamers.

This ultrawide monitor can grow with you, whether you need to it to immerse yourself in fast-action games or to juggle productivity tasks.

It also comes with its own VESA mount the display panel can attach itself to. If you have your own VESA-compatible wall mount or more compact desk stand, you can use that instead to conserve desktop space. Setting up the monitor required no tools and took just a few seconds to snap the monitor onto the stand.

The included stand includes plenty of adjustment options — it allows the panel to tilt 25 degrees upwards or 5 degrees downward, swivel 40 degrees in either direction, or raised and lowered by a height of 5.

The ergonomic design makes this panel just as good a choice in an office setting as in a game room. Adjustable LED lighting strips are discreetly placed on the angular spines on the backside of the panel as well as on the stand.

Vents on the Alienware are placed at the top and on the bottom edges and cutouts near the base of the stand serves as a clever cable management system to route your cords through. The panel feels solid, and the bezels around the edges are very minimal, like most modern monitors in the premium space.

To keep the aesthetics of the AWDW clean required Dell to make some sacrifices in how the ports are configured.

Alienware AW3418DW Review - 120hz Ultrawide G-Sync IPS Gaming Monitor

These ports make it easy to quick to connect peripherals, like a flash drive. The bad news? The supplied cable is somewhat short. The fifth button brings up a menu, which you can navigate to change any of the mentioned settings, re-configure the buttons, or even adjust and change the AlienFX lighting on your monitor.

Using a customizable game settings gives you granular adjustments to the R, G, B, C, M, Y settings to achieve the right color calibration desired for your game. In general, I kept the panel on standard for office tasks, ComfortView for working at night to help reduce eye strain, and FPS for game play. You can also make adjustments to response times for the presets by navigating the in-depth menu interface.

While adjusting the brightness would brighten or darken everything on the screen, dark stabilizer is used to just brighten or darken the darker areas on your screen, serving as kind of a manual HDR control. And although all the items in the menus are arranged in an easy to understand list view, changing the settings can be tedious, as you have to scroll through lists and menus. This gives the panel a density of PPI and a aspect ratio.

The IPS panel offers a bright display with wide viewing angles. The screen can go as bright as nits, and gamers will likely want to dim the screen to under fifty percent for most games. In games with darker scenes, enabling the dark stabilizer setting makes a big difference in being able to see some of the details in the background.

Color accuracy is similarly excellent, and the Alienware is more accurate in rendering colors than the Dell or the Asus in this category.

In our setup, we used an Nvidia GTX Ti to test the unit, and opted to push the settings in our games to high or ultra high. In general, most gamers will likely keep this menu option to normal or fast, especially since the AWDW already comes with a 4ms gray-to-gray response time. There is little change in the benchmark results post-calibration, which is good news for those looking to adopt this ultra-wide panel for a production setting. If your screen or any part of the monitor is damaged — including dead or permanently lit bright pixels — Dell will begin the warranty claim process by troubleshooting the issue over the phone.

If the issue cannot be fixed through phone support, Dell will send a replacement unit the next business day. Neither do they support G-Sync. Those features make the Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor the ideal partner to your powerful gaming rig. The lack of a USB-C port is a bit unfortunate given the AWDW ships with a generous three-year warranty, is solidly constructed, and comes with a brilliant display that will make your investment last for some time to come.

DT Recommended Product.Quick Browse:. The ultrawide monitor market has really gained a lot of traction in the last few years, and we remember testing the LG 34UM95 back in September when the 34" sized displays started to appear.

At the time they were aimed at general all-round uses, with a massive screen size and resolution being offered from IPS technology panels to deliver a decent overall performance. Since then, the market has shifted somewhat with many gamer-orientated options emerging in the last couple of years. The ultrawide aspect ratio creates an interesting option for an immersive gaming experience, delivering a very wide field of view. Models in 34" and 35" sizes are now pretty common, with options available based on IPS and VA panel technologies.

aw3418dw manual

Manufacturers have switched to a curved screen format for more comfortable viewing, pushed up the refresh rate in many cases to improved frame rates and motion clarity, and added all kinds of extra features designed to enhance the gaming experience overall.

We have reviewed them both in the past at the time of release. Display which has been used in a fair few screens in the past, but which has now been overclocked to support up to Hz. The response times are also strong from these models, and again thanks to the G-sync module input lag is very low making them very suitable to ultrawide gaming. The screens have a fancy, futuristic design and come with some additional features like lighting systems to separate them from the crowd.

Those two 34" models have been very popular since their release in early Dell have now recently entered this segment of the market with a model in their 'Alienware' gaming range to go alongside their PC systems, mice and keyboards.

They don't tend to release many Alienware branded displays to be honest, but when they do they tend to attract a lot of interest. Dell are well known in the monitor market, carrying a good reputation that spans back over 10 years for making very good screens and offering a great support service and warranty. Rather than being based on a 60Hz refresh rate panel which needs overclocking up to Hz, Dell have made use of a new Hz native refresh rate IPS panel.

In turn they have then boosted this up to Hz through an overclocking feature. If you appreciate the review and enjoy reading and like our work, we would welcome a donation to the site to help us continue to make quality and detailed reviews for you.

Alienware 34 Monitor AW3418DW

Check Pricing and Buy - Direct Links. TFTCentral is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.The Alienware AWDW is the fastest gaming monitor with a ultrawide aspect ratio on the market today, with an overclocked refresh rate of Hz. If you want smooth, high-frame-rate games with an immersive vision-filling aspect ratio, and plenty of game-specific features, the Alienware AWDW is an excellent — if pricey — choice.

While most modern monitors and widescreen TVs have an aspect ratio ofa aspect ratio means the screen is a lot wider on the horizontal plane.

Alienware AW3418DW Review: Curved Gaming Monitor Bliss

That could be a bit of an issue for the Alienware, as — on paper — the AOC offers a slightly larger screen size inchesalong with many of the same features, such as G-Sync high refresh rates for smoother gameplay and a 3, x 1, resolution.

One thing that the Alienware AWDW has that its competitors do not, and which may make the high price tag worthwhile, is its ability to be overclocked to a Hz refresh rate, making it faster than its rivals. One of the main things Alienware products are known for apart from their high pricesare the sleek and eye-catching designs that embrace gamer aesthetics without being too over-the-top and garish.

Luckily, once opened, it is easily put together without the need for any tools. This makes setup much easier, and the hardware still feels nice and sturdy. Once set up, the screen can be easily adjusted to make it more comfortable to use. Along the bottom-right side of the screen are the buttons that control the onscreen menu, along with the power button which is lit up with an LED, which you can change the color of, like the other LED lights on the monitor.

There are no icons or hints of what each button does on the bezel, which keeps things looking neat and tidy. But, that can lead to confusion when trying to use the buttons to go through the menu options. Thankfully, Alienware displays the icons for what each button does when the onscreen menu appears which happens when any of the buttons are pushedmaking things a little easier.

Connection-wise there is an audio-in jack, DisplayPort 1. There are another two USB 3. If you extend the screen to the top of the stand, these ports are much easier to access than the ones on the back, so we commend Alienware for the clever placement. Overall, the Alienware AWDW is a very nicely designed gaming monitor that sticks close to the look and feel of other Alienware devices. If you have an Alienware Aurora R6 desktop gaming PC, for example, this monitor will compliment it incredibly well.

This is thanks to the Hz refresh rate and G-Sync technology, which offer high frame rates without screen tearing. The results are remarkable. The Alienware AWDW has an ace up its sleeve, however, with an overclock setting that ups the refresh rate to Hz. The jump from Hz to Hz is pretty noticeable. When overclocked, the action onscreen becomes incredibly smoother. Everything feels much more smooth and responsive, especially with fast-paced action.

Going up to Hz is also noticeable. So, there is less time between the movements you make with your mouse and keyboard and how your character moves on the monitor.

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This manifests itself during games with a faint grey outline during fast action. We also notice it outside of gaming and during, for example, browsing websites where the outlines appear around pictures and text when scrolling. But, for us, the benefits aren't worth it.

aw3418dw manual

Overall, games look amazing on the screen, and there are enough options for you to tweak the monitor to get your desired performance. The Alienware AWDW also gives you the option of overlaying the frames per second FPS count in the top-left hand corner of the screen, which is handy if you want to see how well your hardware is performing. As far as standard image quality goes, the IPS in-plane switching panel of the Alienware AWDW does an excellent job, though some people may find it a bit bright at its default setting.

The IPS panel also offers very wide viewing angles, which is pretty essential for an ultrawide monitor especially a curved onewith color accuracy holding up in every part of the monitor. Overall, we find the Alienware AWDW to be an excellent gaming monitor when it comes to performance, with superb image quality. Also, when overclocked to Hz, this is the fastest ultrawide monitor currently on the market. That may just be enough to justify its more expensive price tag compared to its competitors.

This can also give you a competitive edge in that you see more of the battlefield than your competitors. Instead, it leaves its excellent screen to do the talking. However, there are some aspects of the Alienware AWDW that we aren't too fond of, but luckily these were easily out numbered by what we liked.

The high price tag is obviously one of them.If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page. Do not use your browser's "Refresh" button. Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message. Ships from United States. Most customers receive within days. Sold and Shipped by NothingButSavings a-seller. Lose yourself in every game with this inch curved R monitor that wraps around your field of view to immerse you directly into the middle of the action.

Enhance the ambience with customizable LED lighting effect.

aw3418dw manual

Tilt, swivel, and adjust height of the monitor to your viewing preference. Plus, with a premium, polished silver finish and ultramodern design, the Alienware AWDW will complement your gaming setup and seamlessly blend in with your gaming space.

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Looks that kill: A premium, polished silver finish and ultramodern design reflect our commitment to sophisticated appearance, unparalleled quality and gargantuan gaming. We focused on the details so you can focus on the screen: Your monitor features an ultrathin 3-sided bezel for an expansive inch screen space.

Our unique step-venting details help dissipate heat and maximize performance. Curve your enthusiasm: Completely immerse yourself with a sweeping, R curved infinity display that takes you deeper into the game and a aspect ratio that makes every vantage point epic.

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The curved screen maximizes your field of vision, reducing eye movement, so you can stay comfortably focused on the game longer. This means your screen frames load so fast, you can say goodbye to distortions—like tearing and artifacts—and get used to smooth, vibrant images. Bring on even faster responsiveness with Hz native [or up to Hz overclocked] refresh rates and 4ms response times to max out on the highest, fastest level gameplay that looks and feels super smooth.

An on-screen display OSD gives you a competitive gaming edge. Gain the flexibility to choose from the 6 game modes offered — three factory preset game modes such as FPS, RTS and RPG and three customizable game modes you can personalize to your preferences. Multiple quick-access ports mean endless connectivity options and easy set-up, so your setup is just how you want it, wherever you want it. Enhance your gaming experience with AlienFX — a fully customizable RGB lighting system designed to bring you closer to the worlds you play in with dynamic lighting effects tied directly to the in-game action.

Four customized lighting zones let you personalize your keyboard, monitor and mouse with different colors and effects to reflect your style. Create and download unique themes effortlessly for over different games. Power cable connector 2. Line-out port 3. USB port with Power Charging 4.

aw3418dw manual

Headphone jack 5. USB 3. USB upstream port 7. HDMI port 9. Cons: Really nothing I dislike about it. If I had to complain about something - the stand is kind of big. The picture is exactly what I hoped for and more. Not a single problem with it.

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